A Toy Store in a Toy Store

Hot Wheels

A Hot Wheels Garage concept was a perfect fit to encourage the very young target consumer to enter, explore and interact with custom fixtures that were immersed into the Toys R Us footprint. The Garage was designed with working traffic lights and hydraulic moveable systems that would attract both the young customers and their parents. Custom car fixtures and displays were designed to attract attention and showcase the expansive hot wheels product line and brand image.


‘The Barbie Funhouse’ store-in-store concept was designed to attract, engage and encourage young girls to explore the Barbie product line and to feel as though they were in their very own Barbie playhouse. Colorful canopies, signage and custom furniture created the perfect atmosphere and ‘little lady’ backdrop for the Barbie product line and brand image.


A focal point umbrella on the main gondola fixture was designed to strengthen the visual promotion of new toy products to this preschooler. Parents have waiting areas to take a break and observe their children as they interact with sample toys and products that are placed around the space. This interactive store-in-store spatial concept is fun and open and encourages interaction, play and ultimately – purchase!


Toys R Us / Mattel

Services Provided:

Space Planning

Custom Fixture Design

Graphics and Signage


Perennial Inc.