100 Years of Tradition

Walgreen’s is the fourth largest retailer in the United States. Matla group helped redesign this 100-year-old established drug and convenience store chain throughout New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and Philadelphia, just to name a few.

Over 500 locations were renovated to transform the dark and cluttered stores into bright, easily accessible and brand focused shopping environments. Custom fixtures and color-coded wayfinding helped to improve sightlines and create appealing visual merchandising opportunities for the myriad of brands and products carried at Walgreen’s and Duane Reade. New exterior façades incorporate the fresh bold corporate logo allowing for strong impact and visibility.


Walgreen’s/Duane Reade

Services Provided:

Space Planning

Custom Fixture Design

Exterior Design

Wayfinding Design

Graphics and Signage


Jackman Reinvents